Replacing a Lost Passport

Your United States Passport is a very important document and should be safeguarded as well as one can do both when in use, and not in use. A lost passport is not quite as simple as requesting a new one. There are a couple steps that you must take to ensure that the lost passport is accounted for correctly, the same way that you would report a lost credit card.

If you ever find that your passport has been lost or stolen, the first thing you must do is report it. If you are within the United States, call toll free 1877-487-2778 and let the representative know whether it has been lost or stolen. If you are overseas, you must visit your local US Embassy or Consulate and report it immediately. Do not wait for reporting a lost card as it can be a serious security risk for the United States.

If you do not want to call or visit a local office, it is permissible to fill out form DS-64, which is what you fill out in case of a lost passport or one that has been stolen. This form DS-64 must be filled out and mailed immediately and then sent to the US Department of State Passport Services; a bizarre name for a service, but something that is incredibly important. The same goes if you happen to stumble upon someone else’s passport – report it immediately and mail it to the address above in a good envelope.

When sending in form DS-64, if you wish to obtain a replacement and you are not overseas, sent in form DS-11 with the application. DS-11 is the general passport application form that must be completed with as accuracy otherwise delay times or possible declines may occur. Ensure that you provide your social security number with this form. If you do not include it, there will be a possibility that your request will be delayed and even denied altogether. Once the DS-11 form has been filled out, you will have to provide evidence that you are a citizen of the United States before the renewed passport or card will be sent out. This will include previously used passports, a birth certificate, a birth certificate from another country, naturalization certificate or a certificate of citizenship and pay the fee of $95. That fee is for the passport book and passport card. If you just want the passport or the card it will be $80 and $15.

If you are not applying for another passport, simply send form DS-64 alone. Once the form has been sent, any found passports following must be mailed in. They cannot be re-used as they will be off the usable list and invalidated. Unless it is specifically requested otherwise, the old passport will be destroyed for security issues. It is important to remember that once a passport has been reported missing, it cannot be reclaimed as your own, it is no longer usable.

Be very careful when it comes to ordering replacement or temporary passports and ensure that you are using the US Government for replacement. There are plenty of websites and companies who use fraudulent ways to assure you that your passport will be expedited if you pay a very large fee. Most of these are a scam and you should only engage with true government agencies when it comes to your passport.

If you are truly in a rush for the passport, ensure that you contact a passport and visa expeditor as they may be able to do your process quicker than the standard lines. Go to your nearest office to request this.

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