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Passport locations
Any citizen of the United States interested in travelling internationally should apply for and obtain a passport by visiting one of the United states passport locationswhere you can get one. Even though passports weren’t required for travel to some countries a few years ago, even crossing the Canadian border now requires a validpassport on order to enter either the U.S. or Canada. If you’ve never had to get apassport before and feel a little intimidated by the idea, don’t worry. Here’s how to get a passport and some passport locations you can go to apply.

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Do I Need a US Passport?

Knowing whether or not you need to apply for and obtain a U.S. passport before you travel is a good idea. Some people think that you need a passport if you are travelling to a U.S. territory such as Puerto Rico or Guam. This isn’t actually true. You only need a passportif, while travelling to the U.S. territory or state, you actually have to stop and land in a foreign country. For example, if you are flying to Alaska and have a layover in Vancouver, Canada, you’ll need to apply for and get a U.S. passport. This may seem like a hassle, but even countries like Mexico require that you have a passport to enter now.

Getting the Application

Go online to the State Department’s website and download a copy of the passport application forms. If you can’t download and print a passport application, you can always pick up a copy from your local passport office.

How Do I Find My Local Passport office?

Finding the nearest passport office locations near you is actually very simple. All you have to do is use a simple tool on the State Department’s website. You can access the special search by visiting Passport Locations and then searching by yourstate or your city. You can choose to find the passport location nearest to your location, or you can have all of the passport locations within a certain radius listed.

There are basically two types of passport facilities. The first is a regional passportagency. Regional passport agencies serve major metropolitan areas and large population centers. They have these agency locations in New York, Los Angeles,Seattle, San Francisco, Honolulu, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Washington D.C., Boston and New Orleans. These centers serve a very large region of the populace, but they are very busy. You’ll need to schedule an appointment to visit these offices. If you are in a rush and need to get yourpassport as soon as possible or need to get a visa very quickly, you should go to regional passport agency.

The other type of passport facility is an acceptance facility. These are much more common across the United states. You probably have a few of these locations in your home town or city. Accepting facilities include post offices, public libraries,courthouses, and state, municipal and county government offices. If you have to apply for a passport in person due to any reason, you can do so at one of theselocations or offices. Use the State Department’s passport location tool to find out which office is closest to you.

When in doubt, you can generally just visit your local post office or county clerk’soffice to inquire about how for a passport. The customer service there is usually very knowledgeable about the subject and will be able to walk you through the entire process step by step. You can also visit the State Department’s website to learn more about passport applications, restrictions, what countries or places you need a passport to visit and more. It’s a great resource to get you started and answer those tough questions. Just make sure to visit during passport processing hours which are sometimes different than normal business hours.

How to Apply for a Passport

The first step in applying for a passport is to know when to do it. It’s important to begin the passport application process at least eight weeks before you travel abroad. Even though it usually doesn’t take that long to get a passport, you usually need a passport number to obtain an international plane ticket. You also want to make sure you have enough time to fix any problems that may arise in the passport application process. It’s always better to have too much time to get a passportbefore a trip than to have too little time.

There are also some other requirements to get a passport depending on your age. All adults and children, even including newborns and infants, must have their own individual passports when travelling abroad. Even though a passport is not required to travel directly to a state or U.S. territory, if you plan on travelling outside of the U.S. at any time, even for a layover, you’ll need a passport.

While you can sometimes apply for a passport online or through the mail, you need to apply for a passport in person at a passport location if any of the following situations apply to you:

  • You are applying for a U.S. passport for the first time
  • You are under 16 years old
  • Your previous U.S. passport was lost, stolen or damaged
  • Your previous U.S. passport was more than 15 years old
  • Your previous U.S. passport was issued to you before you were 16 years old
  • You legally changed you name after your U.S. passport was issued and you don’t have legal documentation for that name change

If you need to apply in person, it’s not a big deal. You just have to visit one of your local passport acceptance locations during passport processing hours such as a U.S. Post Office or the county clerk’s office.
You also need to obtain the following in order to apply for a U.S. passport:

  • Two identical copies of your passport photo (easily obtained at photography shops and photo studios)
  • Identification information which includes your certified birth certificate and your social security card. Check the passport application to see what exactly you need to provide.

Once you’ve got the passport application filled out, you’ll need to bring it and all necessary identification and passport photos with you to one of the passport centers.

Getting a passport is a little bit of work, but it’s not very hard. Anyone can do it if they follow the steps and take the time. Please check the State Department website today to find passport locations near you.

Passport Offices Outside of the United States
American Samoa
Marshall Islands
Puerto Rico
Virgin Islands

Stolen or Lost Passport Replacement

How to Replace Your Lost or Stolen Passport

One of the most exciting aspects of life, for some, is the expectation of travel. Nothing seems to stimulate the senses as much as that of traveling to a variety of destinations and being able to see and experience what those destinations have to offer. However one of the requirements for being able to experience such potential excitement is that of a passport. Obtaining a passport if a fairly simple process that many are familiar with, however, there are times when a person’s passport may become lost and they simply aren’t sure how to go about replacing it. Keeping that in mind let’s take a look at what you should do should your passport become lost.

While losing your passport is never convenient, if you’re going to lose it the best time would be when you have no immediate travel plans. The first place to start if your passport is lost is to report it lost or stolen; this is very important because once this is done your passport is immediately canceled so that it can’t be used by an imposter. Once you’ve reported the passport as lost or stolen it will immediately be cancelled and you can begin the replacement process. You simply need to get an application for a U.S passport, which is Form DS-11 and the Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport, Form DS-64 and submit them to your local Passport Agency or acceptance facility. Keep in mind that, is found, your old passport will no longer be valid once reported lost or stolen. Make certain that, once you’ve checked your passport’s status, if it doesn’t arrive within 10 business days you need to contact the National Passport Information Center to let them know you haven’t received it.

There really isn’t a good time to lose your passport; however, the worst possible time to lose your passport would be while you’re traveling. While this is problematic and a slightly more detailed process when abroad you can easily replace your passport. The first place to begin is to report the passport as lost or as possibly stolen to the proper authorities, especially since you will need the official report. Once you have done so your next stop is the U.S Embassy or Consulate to apply for a new passport. Depending on whether or not your identification was taken as well, you may have to undergo a detailed interview process to help verify that you are who you say you are. Once everything has been verified your passport will be issued as quickly as possible to help you keep up with your itinerary.

Although the Form DS-64 needed to deal with the passport process may seem intimidating at first, the truth is that you need only take them a step at a time and answer the questions as completely and thoroughly as possible. It’s important to keep in mind that should you need your new passport quickly, within 2 to 4 weeks of time that you will need to make an appointment to be seen at the Regional Passport Agency for faster service. Otherwise, you can simply fill out the form, as well as Form DS-11, and submit them to either an Acceptance Facility or a Passport Agency to receive your new passport. However, if it is simply a case of reporting your passport as lost or stolen then you need only fill out and submit For DS-11. However, be certain that when you decide to travel that apply for your new passport with enough time to allow processing.


Expedited Passport Information

Expediting the Passport Application Process

To travel outside of the United States, a citizen will need a passport. They may get these from the US Department of State, via the various agencies they have all over the country. When applying directly to the Department of State, a passport application may take a month or longer from the point that the application is turned in to the point at which the passport is delivered to the holder. There are instances where people may wish to travel immediately. These can range from family emergencies in other countries to discovering that a passport is missing only a short time before a trip outside of the country. In such instances, they may not be able to wait a month to receive their passport. The best option is to expedite the passport application. An expedited passport application may allow the traveler to receive their passport in as short a time as 24 hours.

Expedited Passport Applications
Passport applications are not just for people who have never held one before. In some cases they may have owned a passport more than five years previous and allowed it to expire. The person whose previous passport is more than five years past the expiration date is in the same situation, legally speaking, as the person who has never had one before. Other reasons a person may find themselves needing a new passport include the fact that their present one has expired and they need a renewal. The application for a passport renewal is different from that for a new passport and will necessitate turning in the old one. Other reasons for applying for a passport include the fact that the present one has been lost or stolen. In the case of a lost, stolen or damaged passport the passport holder will have to supply a statement regarding the passport along with the other elements of their application. In all of these instances, the applicant may opt for an expedited passport application in order to speed up the process and to be able to travel.

Places to Get Expedited Passports
Travelers who wish to expedite their passport application may opt to apply for an expedited passport at any one of the State Department’s agencies, or they may instead choose any of the many passport expediter services available. There are passport expediters in major cities across the country and many expediters offer their services via the Internet for even greater speed in getting an application processed. Internet passport expediters can process an application in as little as 24 hours. In either case, the applicant will need a few vital pieces of documentation. They will need to be able to prove their identity and citizenship.

Applying for an Expedited Passport from the State Department
The applicant will need to download and print a DS-11 passport application form from the State Department’s website. They will need to fill it out correctly with a blue or black ink pen. They will also need to have two recent passport-sized photographs to accompany their application. They will need copies of their birth certificate or certificate of citizenship in order to prove that they are United States citizens. In the cases of passport renewals, the old passport will suffice as proof of citizenship.

Drawbacks to applying via State Department Agencies include the fact that wait times at these agencies can be long and made even longer if paperwork is not filled out correctly.

Using the Services of a Passport Expediter
A passport expediter will still need the above documentation, but many services provide a skilled and experienced agent to help applicants with the process. These agents will ensure that the applications are filled out correctly. Furthermore, the applicant may be able to fill out much of the information in online forms, and handle the application process online.